Thursday, February 8, 2018

Setting Up

I started out by finding my old Git Lab account and making a new project. Then added Karl Wurst as a Reporter to monitor my progress. After this I set up Xamarin, the framework I'm going to use to program the app. With the help of Xamarin I will be able to develop for both IOS and Android at the same time. Setting up the IOS portion of Xamarin is a little tricky though. In order to compile IOS code Xamarin needs to have access to a Mac running MacOS 10.12 or higher. Since I don't have a Mac at my disposal I'm going to have run MacOS virtually in VMware. Fortunately, I found a site which provided instructions on how to do this and a download link to the OS. After getting through that I just needed to connect the VMware running MacOS to Visual Studio running Xamarin which was really easy since it just automatically found the connection for me.

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